UX Designer

You are a creative problem-solver who is passionate about creating innovative digital experiences that push the boundaries of what's possible to delight the customers.


  • You have a background in UX Design or at least 4 years of experience in creating and improving user experiences.
  • You share agile values: team spirit, continuous improvement, feedback culture, and value-driven approach.
  • Ideally, you have worked or collaborated on projects with UI designers and development teams.
  • You are autonomous, reliable, rigorous, and proactive.
  • You adapt design methodologies according to the context to size the most appropriate method.
  • You participate in monitoring by exploring UX themes and sharing your feedback and convictions (blog articles, meet-ups, conferences...). Dynamic and comfortable in oral communication, you like to defend your ideas and convince your interlocutors.


As an UX Designer, you will be involved from understanding the field to the realization of digital products and services, identifying and formulating problems by adopting a collaborative user-centered approach based on co-construction. At NEMO, we believe that a successful user experience requires a systemic understanding of the project's ecosystem. Our missions focus on product design (web, mobile, business), service design (digital or physical customer journeys), methodological support, and team acculturation to design approaches. Collaboration, pragmatism, and delivered value are our daily concerns.

Your missions will consist of:

  • Evaluating: To test or diagnose the existing: surprise report, expert evaluation, guerilla testing, and user testing...
  • Researching and Understanding: Clients, users, and brands: immersions, role-playing, observations, interviews...
  • Analyzing: To explore opportunities: workshop animation, personas, user flow, experience map, service blueprint...
  • Designing: Facilitation of ideation and co-design workshops, storyboard creation, customer journey, information architecture, wireframe, interactive prototype...
  • Evangelizing: Preparation and facilitation of training (internal or external), client team awareness, internal R&D...

Expected skills:

  • UX evaluation to test or diagnose the existing: expert audit, guerilla testing & user testing. User research to understand clients/users: immersions, role-playing, workstation observations, interviews, contextual surveys, and personas.
  • UX framing/Design Thinking to explore opportunities: workshop animation, ideation workshops, personas, experience map, alignment model, problematization, service blueprint...
  • UX Design: co-design workshop, storyboard, customer journey, information architecture, wireframe, POC (Prototype, user testing, and live testing.
  • UX training/awareness: preparation and facilitation of training, client team awareness, internal R&D.


But what we are looking for, above all, are personalities who will enrich NEMO.

We recognize them by their drive to participate in improving the life inside the company, to build the vision and offers of tomorrow, to share their knowledge to facilitate mutual upskill.

To join, finally, a community who isn’t afraid to assert its individuality.

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